Thursday, October 12, 2006


To make a world, to act in it... to throw the dice, to win or lose, yes...

Friday, September 29, 2006


This is an early drawing of the Fay, with Miranda as the black-haired one.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Festival days

To go to a convention is to meet people.
It´s like coming to a great table, laden with every kind of food. Gorge yourself, taste, but you can only eat so much, and then it´s over. I met some old folks, some new, and wanted to speak with many more.
One of the highlights of Raptus was Henry Davies, a british comic creator I met at Bristol in 2004. A very charming guy.
He has a friend that can make an origami penis of a napkin. Impressing.
I lived in a small apartment in Bergen together with my friends, Jan and Hanne and Tor Arne. Very cozy. Good to have uninterrupted conversations long into the nights...
A brief meal with Kim, and lots of signing Miranda books at the table stand.
One great talk with Bryan Talbot about Alice in Sunderland, his book. Heard he had another talk about One bad rat, would´ve liked to attend that too.
I missed those wild parties this time, though. Next year I must be there one day in advance so I can organize myself.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Im going away...

I´m leaving, but not on a jetplane, and I know when I´m back again. Raptus comic convention in Bergen city awaits.
I´m back Thursday to more work, work ,work.
Don´t worry, be happy.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I love forests. The old ones. Trees are a strange kind of life, slow-growing and only moving upwards. If you could stretch a minute into a thousand years, how would we move then? Dream-like, like crumbling statues?

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Material things

To tell a story, I like to see things from different angles. That means the characters wiew, my own, God-like wiew, a reader´s wiew and, a plain physikal wiew, too.
I´ve made castles and figurines, and someday I´ll make moving pictures with sound.
I like to see a drawing or a figurine with that magical life in it. It´s a miracle when a doll or a picture vibrates in its own reality. Clay...but the onlookers eyes imbues it with life. Paper and ink, but a mirrors depth, endless distance behind a polished surface.
Terry Pratchett is one of the most intelligent and original authors of our age. If I was God, I´d give him the nobel prize. There´s lots of truths in his books.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Master of Colors

The Master of Colors came into my mind a very long time ago.
A God-like being, a version of a savior.
In the first Miranda books he sets all the events in motion. Then he disappears.
I´ve not decided if he will ever come back into the storyline.

The feeling of a call. I´ve had it my whole life. When it comes to religion, I have wawered in and out of thought-buildings. They have something to give all of us in periods, but the enduring thing is to have a strong faith in the power of love and goodness. And the love in people.
It moves me when they act kindly towards me and each other. And I feel artists are true lovers, bringing gifts to mankind out of their own hearts, sharing beauty, mastery, emotions, understanding after their talents to do so. The blend of immaterial/material stuff are immensely powerful and attractive.

I´ve struggled many years to earn an decent income, I´ve had very few vacations the last years, my family and children must follow my course. Their loyalty are a great thing.
I make comics because I want to share my pleasure, my dreams and my love with everyone who wants it.

When I was young, I went through a very lonely period. I grew shy, to the extent that I had difficulties talking to people. It was very educating, for you learn to have compassion and understanding for others who goes through painful phazes.

There´s a lot of things you can´t set words on. But you can make stories that use all your experiences. You can highlight certain things, and fullfill wishes. Nothing is impossible. You strech your mind, not only for yourself, but for all.
Shakespeare, Carl Barks, Tolkien, many, many more, they´ve made the world richer.
We all should add our best to it.
This is the meaning of my call, together with just living and enjoying life